I love this word.

I first heard it on Red Letter Media’s Half in the Bag: Solo: A Star Wars Story

For me, it sums up 95% of all the supposed controversies which appear on social media, situations where you’re supposed to feel outrage, just because somebody (your activist friend, a SJW, CNN, Fox News, a political pundit) said so, and then you discover there isn’t much to it at all.

Often times its click-bait.

The problem: by the time you figure out its a nontroversy, you’ve become embroiled in the next nontroversy.

Nontroversies distract, deflect, may even deceive you from the real controversies out there.

Nontroversies may also interfere with a good time when somebody wants to argue politics during the middle of a wargame or playing DCC RPG.

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