That’s it. I surrender to my fate.

I can’t put off writing about the stuff I love and enjoy any longer.

Sometime last fall I made a promise not to start another website until I’d written my first novel, or at the least a collection of short stories.

I haven’t written much of anything since.

(In my opinion, notes for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG campaign don’t count, though you’ll see them here from time-to-time.)

For the last several months I’ve been in a writer’s rut.

Not writer’s block, per se, but with no idea how I’m going to move forward. And with a hectic teaching schedule and a thousand other distractions, it was hard to sit down and do the work.

There’s money in the bank. The yard’s mowed. The grades are in. But the page is blank.

Okay, it’s writer’s block.

Writer’s block and it’s brother procrastination.

What’s painful about writer’s block is the near constant tension and stress you feel in the back of you mind. Money in the bank won’t make it go away. You mow the yard and forget for brief moment.

And yet… the page is still blank.

And then you come across your old copy of The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, or read this post by Courtney Campbell at Monsters and Manuals, and feel a pang of guilt.

So I’m starting anew.

I surrender.

I can’t wait anymore to finish that novel. There’s too much cool stuff out there to write about. I’ve also found that blogging can help break the writer’s block.

I do have a short story coming down the pipeline. The target audience is my players in the aforesaid DCC RPG campaign, but maybe you might enjoy it.

It’s about a woman named Annika who went with her family to the Northlands. They’d escaped the wars and poverty in the lands to the south, and hoped for a better life.

What happened next?

Well, I can’t say specifically without spoiling the story.

Let’s just say you could compare it to a DCC RPG 0-level funnel…

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