This is something I posted a few days ago on the DCC RPG Rocks! Facebook group. It was a reaction to certain new releases in the RPG/d20 genre which shall not be mentioned. It got over 100 likes. And I meant every word.


After looking at recent events in the RPG world, I just want to say:

Thank you for not having 1000+ feats for players to choose from to optimize their characters and give a poor Judge a headache keeping track of them all (on top of all the skills, powers, and other crunch).

Thank you for not needing a rule for every eventuality in the game to placate the need for “depth” in an RPG, instead you let the players and judges make ad hoc rulings when needed.

Thank you for stat-blocks that never come close to taking up a whole page (the Glipkerio Battle Tracker, in “Glipkerio’s Gambit,” of course, is a welcome exception).

The last 6-7 years playing DCC RPG has been one long breath of fresh air and a wonderful ride.

Thanks again.


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