The Purpose of Blogging

I’d like to share a secret:

I’ve come to realize I don’t like blogging. There doesn’t seem much of a point of it aside from navel-gazing. In fact, I don’t like the word blog.

Let me write an article, an opinion piece, a rant… anything but a blog post.

Blogging takes a lot of time, or as much time as you let it, time you could be doing something else. Other priorities. Real-life stuff.

Did you know there’s an art to blogging?

  1. If an article is too long few people will read it, and if its too short it might lack depth.
  2. With a blog, you’re supposed to cultivate a community, help take care and offer advice to your tribe of readers… who seem to often be other bloggers.
  3. Your blog posts are supposed to be regular. Everyday. Once a week. You can post whenever you want so long as your readership knows when to expect you.
  4. The window to make a living as a blogger seems to have ended in 2013, for some reason. You’re now supposed to blog because you like it, and its an opportunity to test out ideas for your target audience before you ship or publish your final product.
  5. No advertisements. I’m a big stickler on this one. The few bucks you might earn for a cup of coffee can cost you your readership if your ads are so instrusive they obsfuscate your content.
  6. Only do the minimum to promote your blog. Post only the best content, and your readers will promote your blog for you.
  7. Focus. Find your ideal reader, write to their needs. Build your readership from there.

This is harder than it seems, especially #7, and at times counter inituitive. Don’t you want everybody–or everybody as possible to read your blog? Actually, no.

There are people out there who I don’t want them know about d20writer. They need to stay away or they’ll clutter up the comments with insults and garbage.

That ideal reader has always been the hard part for me.

Who is this for?

Why would they read what I’ve written?

What benefit can I share with them?


  1. If I may – perhaps the ideal reader is … YOU. Speaking personally, I write for myself, first and foremost. If what I write happens to tickle another person, so much the better. But I have little interest in cultivating an audience or marketing my blog or whatever. And that’s fine. Again, we serve no gods here on Planet WordPress.

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