Kickstarter or Kickfinisher?

Here’s a couple brief articles: one by Seth Godin and the other by the Domino Project worth reading if you’re thinking about launching a project on Kickstarter.

Not sure if I will ever launch one. Yet I now know there must be a demand for the project before I do. What niche are you going to fill? What project needs finished that you can’t do on your own and others can’t do without?

Also, I’d like to add, if your going to do a Kickstarter it must be FUN for you and your backers.

The Reaper Bones 5 Kickstarter, which ended in early November, was a lot fun. They made a game out of it. They threw in extras, with stretch goal after stretch goal. They had a story: Could Sophie the Succubus find her classic dice?

It hooked 18,587 backers including myself for over $3.3 million.

They made it fun to pledge, and fun to hand over my money at the end.

They also broke down the project into stages, so if you couldn’t afford to put up all the money you’d like, you can still purchase options later.

So now comes to waiting part. The miniatures won’t ship until the summer of 2021. Until then, I’ll look forward to the new miniatures I’ll either paint, use for demo RPGs, or give away.

Until then, of course, I also need to finish painting the miniatures I already have…

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