A Novel Idea, Choices, and Persistance.

So I’ve started writing a novel (again). This time I plan on getting out of my own way and finish the first draft by the end of January, 2020. I won’t tell you what its about, but will say that I faced three choices:

  1. Write series of short stories and novellas, based on the Expeditions in the Northlands Campaign, and slowly build my readership.
  2. Write a conventional fantasy novel with a standard beginning, middle, and end, where a heroine goes on a journey, kills some monsters, does stuff, finds her inner strength and prevails against her enemies. It could be the first part of a trilogy (but aren’t they all… ho hum.)
  3. Write some weird post-modern, almost existential novel blending fantasy with lots of cool stuff I’ve learned from from studying the military history, religion, and philosophy.

Last Friday, I chose #3.

Of course, I knew I’d made the right choice because I started getting sick over the weekend. Aches. Lethargy. Shortness of breath. But I worked anyway, a little at a time, and gargled hydrogen-peroxide mixed with water on a occassion to stave of a potential throat infection.

Yesterday, just after finishing a scene, giving my last final exam for the semester, of course they had to mow the leaves on campus irritating my sinuses, and of course there also had to be a nearby gas leak which stank up the area and may have irritated my lungs.

These things are to be expected. Once you get out of your own way to improve your lot in life, obstacles will appear.

Such is the way of things.

Today is Friday the 13th.

So to cancel out whatever bad juju accumulated by making this annoucement, I’ll give one hint about my book. Two negatives equal a positive right–at least that what I think learned in Algebra all those years ago.

So here its, a single word my players who’ve been paying attention over the years might know, but have never encountered in a game. And that is what this novel is about:


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