As the World Burns, and D&D

On January 15, a USA Today article examined the big comeback of Dungeons & Dragons with fifth edition. It touched on the diversity of the modern D&D community, how Critical Role and other webcasts help demystify D&D, and how the designers deliberately designed the new edition to appeal to as many people as possible.

There is one quote, however, that stand to me:

D&D is also a great creative outlet, allowing us to craft our own fictional characters, worlds, and adventures, and that’s very appealing when the real world is quickly burning to a cinder.

Chris Perkins, in an email read by USA today, 1/14/2020

If that quote doesn’t irk you in some way, it should.

Have you ever been playing D&D and a nagging sensation in the back of your mind says you should be doing something more important?


  1. Like what? Watching a movie or a sitcom or Lord help us a football game? At least playing D&D allows you to actually interact, dare I say socialize. Unless you take no leisure time at all, but then I think many of us are that sacrificing.

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