Walking Wounded from 2020

2020 was brutal.

The pandemic. The economic upheaval. Education in crisis with online versus in-person learning. The presidential election. Milrel was sidelined until I could figure out my priorities. A lot of things got sidelined, I suppose.

I wish I could say I was more productive in 2020 and less worrisome about the future.

My hobbies prospered. Miniatures were painted. Indeed, in October I set a record: 116 miniatures (all 28 mm) finished in one month. Because of social distancing measures, when you’re not commuting everyday (and recovering from said commute) you have a lot more time on your hands. (I consider myself fortunate and lucky in this regard, millions did not have this luxury.)

A Basic Fantasy RPG campaign where I played an elven witch named Celene wrapped up near the end of the year. The witch class comes from Timothy Brannan’s supplement: The Witch. I highly recommended it to anyone wanting to add variety to their old school RPG games. Brannan also runs a long-standing blog: The Other Side.

I caught up on my reading (for the most part, there’s always more books to read, after all).

If 2020 can teach us a lesson is that time is shorter than you believe. It’s already 2021.

And while you shouldn’t feel constantly anxious to make the most of of your time, its important to spend it in ways to have a positive impact on those around you, even when the stress of the current situation might seem too much.

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